Rise and shine with the Cooked Goose Catering Company’s breakfast catering menu!

As Greater Pittsburgh’s most trusted breakfast catering company, we’re here to help provide you with affordable breakfast catering for your next office meeting, corporate event, or celebration of any kind. Our carefully crafted and best convenient breakfast catering options makes it easy to please your guests. Our carefully crafted and best convenient breakfast catering options makes it easy to please your guests. Whether it’s a continental breakfast catering or a mix and match of fruit salad, meats, and bagels the POPPER Ned’s Heart & Soul has you covered!

It’s never too early or too late for breakfast. Review our suggested breakfast food catering options below or contact us at 713-497-7918 to create a custom breakfast menu.

Featured Items

Traditional Continental – $9.95/pp

Assorted breakfast breads (baker’s choice). Includes individual assorted yogurt, individual assorted bottled juices, butter & jelly and tableware

Sunrise Breakfast – $10.95/pp

Cheese omelettes, breakfast sausage or bacon, cheesy hash brown potatoes and tableware

Rise ‘N Shine – $11.95/pp

Scrambled eggs, golden brown sausage & bacon, cheesy hash brown potatoes, biscuits with butter & jelly, individual assorted juices and tableware

Traditional Hot Breakfast – $12.95/pp

Fresh scrambled eggs, French toast, sausage, bacon strips, hash browns, assorted breakfast breads (baker’s choice), individual assorted bottled juices and tableware

Skillet Buffet – $11.95/pp

Hash brown potatoes, American cheese, onions, ham and bacon blended together to perfection. Served with fresh scrambled eggs, assorted breakfast breads (baker’s choice) and tableware

Big Breakfast – $13.95/pp

Siebel’s farm fresh scrambled eggs or diner scramble with diced ham, bell peppers, onions, crumbled bacon topped with cheddar cheese. Add $0.50/pp for diner scramble

  • Crispy bacon or sausage
  • Choice of potato – freshly shredded hash browns, oven browned diced breakfast potatoes or sliced potatoes with roasted onions and bell peppers
  • Assorted breakfast breads (baker’s choice)
  • Beverage station – individual assorted bottled juices, fresh brewed regular coffee with sugar, cups, sugar substitute, cream, Stir Stix, napkins and tableware

* Minimum of 30 people. If less than 30 people, add $1.00/pp

Mix & Match

Fruit Salad – $4.95/pp

Assorted fresh fruit diced and combined in a bowl. 10 guest minimum

Topping Bar – $6.95/pp

Yogurt served with granola, seasonal berries and other toppings. 10 guest minimum

Fresh Bagels – $19.95/dozen

Choose from a mixture of our fresh homemade bagels. Includes cream cheese

Breakfast Loaves – $3.95/pp

A tasty tray of assorted breakfast loaves. 10 guest minimum

Coffee Cake – $3.95/pp

A tasty assortment of our freshly homemade coffee cakes. 12 guest minimum

Croissants – $18.95/dozen

Light and fluffy croissants served with butter & jelly

Danish – $19.95/dozen

An assortment of our freshly homemade Danish pastries

Donuts – $14.95/dozen

An assortment of our freshly homemade donuts

Muffins – $13.95/dozen

An assortment of our freshly homemade muffins. Served with butter & jelly

Scones – $22.95/dozen

An assortment of our freshly homemade scones. Served with cream cheese

Bacon – $2.95/pp

2 crispy slices per guest

Sausage – $2.95/pp

2 pieces per guest

Baked Ham – $2.95/pp

Sliced ham baked to perfection

French Toast – $2.95/pp

Golden French toast with butter and syrup. 2 pieces per guest

Pancakes – $2.95/pp

Served with butter and maple syrup. 2 pancakes per guest

Potatoes – $2.95/pp

Diced potatoes with onion and peppers. Add cheese ($0.95/pp)

Hash Brown Potatoes – $2.95/pp

Crispy shredded potatoes

Individual Assorted Bottled Juices – $1.95/pp